Hey! I'm Ariana, a twenty-something kiwi girl with a heart for exploring, an overwhelming desire to travel and a passion for photography. I'm married to the best guy around (he goes by Tim) and together we run a photography business called Timothy & Ariana PhotographyThis blog originally started out as a space to share the travels and adventures we were embarking on with our family and friends during our time in North America & Hawaii, but upon returning to New Zealand, it didn't feel right to put a fullstop on a space that we have poured our experiences into and force closure onto somewhere we have documented some of our most precious memories. We live in the deep south of New Zealand and are always keen to meet new people, so if you're down our way and want to grab a coffee, send me a message!

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  1. YOU LIVE IN NEW ZEALAND. K that's the coolest thing ever.

    Excited to follow!!


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