Three years.
When did that happen?

It's almost incomprehensible to me that it's been three years since my sister walked me down the aisle to meet you, that it's been three years since we publicly promised forever to each other, that it's been three years since we said goodbye to saying "goodbye" to one another.

It doesn't feel real until I traipse through the lane of memories held in my mind and realise how much life has happened since that day. I mean, we moved across the country to a city where we didn't know a single soul, we've travelled to Australia, the Philippines, England and France, we've made lifelong friends that are more like family than anything else... we've danced in the sunlight atop our mountains and clung to each other whilst in our valleys. 

You're my best friend, Timothy Joseph, and I wouldn't do life any other way. Being held by you and celebrated by you every single day is my greatest blessing.

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