When I first began thinking about starting a blog (way back in 2011) there were several different factors that came into why I put it off for so long. Apart from the natural "what will people think of me" thoughts that streamed through my mind (I know I'm not alone on this one!) one of the other big ones was - will I be able to generate enough good content?

Having the ability to and knowledge of how to take my own blog photos has been an absolute lifesaver for me. I'll outline a few of my top tips and tricks below - don't let the fact that you have nobody to help you with photographs stop you from starting a blog! It's totally possible to do it all on your own - you just need to be a little prepared before you go out and shoot. 😃


A tripod is going to be your best friend when shooting your own blog photos. It is going to be your camera-man, so it's important to make sure it will be able to do it's job well. A good tripod will have some weight to it and won't feel flimsy in your hand - this is to ensure that if there's a big gust of wind, it won't tip over and drop your precious camera to the ground!
The tripod I use is the Manfrotto 290 Xtra Tripod, but if you're after a more affordable version, this Manfrotto Compact Light Aluminium Tripod or something similar should do the trick!

If you have a cheaper, lightweight tripod that you're worried about being flimsy in the wind/on uneven surfaces, grab a pack of large men's crew socks and take them with you in your camera bag when you go out to shoot. Sounds weird, but you can use rocks/sand to fill them with when you get to your location, and tie them around each tripod leg to use as weights/sand bags! 😉


Are you like me, and hate running back and forth to press the shutter button between shots? If you are, you need to get a wireless remote shutter! You can pick these up pretty affordably at any camera store, or pick one up on TradeMe, Ebay or Amazon! This is the one I use.

If you want to see exactly how I shoot (when on location), I have also made a more in-depth "on-location" YouTube video about this topic, which you can view here.

Happy Blogging! 


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