Happy first of November, friends!

What a dream it was to come across this kind of insane beauty! I've always seen photos on instagram of colourful flower fields, with rows and rows of blooms that seem to never end, and it's always been a dream of mine to one day do a photoshoot of a similar nature. If you dream hard enough, your dreams will come true, guys! I had the best time dodging bumble-bees and dancing through the flower fields with Jule, and am secretly hoping that I can take Tim up there one day soon to do a couple's shoot... ;-)

The weather on this day couldn't have been any more perfect for a last minute roadtrip - blue skies, light breeze, 20 degrees... and ever since this day the weather in Dunedin has been AMAZING! I'm writing this whilst completely soaked in sunshine on my bed, with every single window that can be opened WIDE open because our wee apartment feels like a sauna - slowly but surely, I can feel myself melting away... haha!

Hope you're all having a beautiful day where-ever you are! Whether that be trick-or-treating for Halloween, studying for your final exams or cat-napping in the sun (like me) x

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