When I first began thinking about starting a blog (way back in 2011) there were several different factors that came into why I put it off for so long. Apart from the natural "what will people think of me" thoughts that streamed through my mind (I know I'm not alone on this one!) one of the other big ones was - will I be able to generate enough good content?

Having the ability to and knowledge of how to take my own blog photos has been an absolute lifesaver for me. I'll outline a few of my top tips and tricks below - don't let the fact that you have nobody to help you with photographs stop you from starting a blog! It's totally possible to do it all on your own - you just need to be a little prepared before you go out and shoot. 😃


A tripod is going to be your best friend when shooting your own blog photos. It is going to be your camera-man, so it's important to make sure it will be able to do it's job well. A good tripod will have some weight to it and won't feel flimsy in your hand - this is to ensure that if there's a big gust of wind, it won't tip over and drop your precious camera to the ground!
The tripod I use is the Manfrotto 290 Xtra Tripod, but if you're after a more affordable version, this Manfrotto Compact Light Aluminium Tripod or something similar should do the trick!

If you have a cheaper, lightweight tripod that you're worried about being flimsy in the wind/on uneven surfaces, grab a pack of large men's crew socks and take them with you in your camera bag when you go out to shoot. Sounds weird, but you can use rocks/sand to fill them with when you get to your location, and tie them around each tripod leg to use as weights/sand bags! 😉


Are you like me, and hate running back and forth to press the shutter button between shots? If you are, you need to get a wireless remote shutter! You can pick these up pretty affordably at any camera store, or pick one up on TradeMe, Ebay or Amazon! This is the one I use.

If you want to see exactly how I shoot (when on location), I have also made a more in-depth "on-location" YouTube video about this topic, which you can view here.

Happy Blogging! 


If you know me personally, you will know that I am a fan of stripes. From striped tee's to striped pants, striped dresses to striped jeans, and now to striped romper(s) - yes, plural - I'm almost at the point where I can't wear a lot of my clothes together for fear of looking like one big candy cane. 😂 Stripes are one of those patterns that I truly believe will never go out of style - but it is exciting and makes my stripe-lovin' heart very happy to see that they are EVERYWHERE for this upcoming summer season! Everywhere I turn I am seeing stripes, and I'm not complaining one bit.

Although it would appear that my wardrobe is well and truly at stripe capacity, apparently I am extremely lacking in any kind of self-control because when I saw this beautiful linen romper/playsuit in Glassons the other week it didn't take much to justify to myself all the reasons why it just had to come home with me and find a place amongst my summer wardrobe. Seriously though, how cute is it!? It's going to be an essential for our upcoming international trip.... I just know I'm gonna get so much wear out of it! 😍

On a complete side note, my Birkenstock's are an absolute MIRACLE. My sister found them for me at an opshop (thrift store) for $20 and I just about died of happiness! I've been wanting a pair of birk's for probably three summers now, but have never been able to convince myself to invest the $160+ to get myself a pair so have always kept an eye out for some of these bad boys whenever I'm on an opshop mission, but hadn't had any luck - shoes (in your size) are probably one of the hardest things to find secondhand I reckon! Although I do like my fair bit of shopping from time to time, I am a true bargain-hunter at heart and will always scope out my local opshops to see if I can find what I need before I head into town. I have just made a video about some of my favourite opshop/thrift store finds over on our YouTube channel, so make sure you pop over and watch that here! There's some goodies in there, trust me 😉


I am a huge opshopper (thrift shopper, for you Americans!) so I thought it would be fun to put together a little video of some of my best opshop finds over the years! 

Check it out below - there are some epic finds in there if I do say so myself 😜


Baker boy hats. They have totally made a comeback. Who woulda thought!? Are you a fan?

In New Zealand, we seem to be a season behind all the trends that come out in the USA and UK because our seasons are the opposite. Whilst I don't think I'll get much more wear out of this outfit this year as we're coming into summer, being a season behind may actually work in my favour for once and I can wear this all again next year! ;-) If you know me, you know that I'm all about saving money where I can on trend-led pieces. I managed to grab both this baker boy hat (from Rubi for $5!) and my nude mule loafers (Kmart, $17) for super cheap. Win!

On another note, how CUTE is the old part of Oamaru?! Since Tim's family live in Oamaru, we visit there often but I've never actually gone down to the old part of town with a camera in hand. It's no surprise that film companies come from all over the world to film in this beautiful spot - it's like stepping into a wee time capsule. I definitely felt all the European vibes with the cobbled streets and the stunning neutral toned architecture. There was even an adorable wee beetle parked up!

Make sure to check out the bottom of this post for links to the items I'm wearing (or similar!)

Photos: Alex Gonzales



The other day I asked you guys over on my instagram for questions for my first YouTube Q+A, and you delivered! If you want to know about our camera gear, my favourite clothing stores and if we want to have babies one day, check out the video below :-)

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When Jule and I arrived at the Moeraki Boulders, we were very pleasantly surprised to see that our complete lack of planning (e.g. heading there bang on high tide!) didn't impact our trip too much. We were fully expecting the boulders to be underwater when we arrived, but thankfully that was not the case, haha! We were about 30 minutes out from arriving at the boulders when we came to this realisation (well, when Jule came to this realisation... I'm not really one for thinking about that kind of thing, haha) and we did debate whether we should just turn around and save it for another day, but in true YOLO spirit we kept on going and thought we'd just make the most of whatever boulders we could/couldn't see when we got there. Turns out high tide doesn't affect the boulders much at all! Woo!

The Moeraki Boulders are a pretty hot tourist spot when making the trip down the coast between Christchurch and Dunedin. I hadn't actually stopped there for years as usually, when we make the trip up north, we are often rushing to get to Oamaru (where Tim's family live) and don't ever think to stop for a minute to check them out.

In saying that, it's about a 1 min drive off the main highway (it's all very well sign-posted) and about a 30 second walk down to the beach from the Moeraki Boulder's carpark. If you have 5 minutes spare on your trip, it's super quick and easy and worth checking out! It can get quite busy, which you'll be able to tell by how many buses and cars are flooding the carpark... so if you're wanting a classic, serene kiwi beach, this probably isn't your place ;-)

The boulders themselves are.... cool?! A little underwhelming and I think they're hyped up a little tooooo much for the tourists, but they do make for some cool photo's, I'll give them that!


Happy first of November, friends!

What a dream it was to come across this kind of insane beauty! I've always seen photos on instagram of colourful flower fields, with rows and rows of blooms that seem to never end, and it's always been a dream of mine to one day do a photoshoot of a similar nature. If you dream hard enough, your dreams will come true, guys! I had the best time dodging bumble-bees and dancing through the flower fields with Jule, and am secretly hoping that I can take Tim up there one day soon to do a couple's shoot... ;-)

The weather on this day couldn't have been any more perfect for a last minute roadtrip - blue skies, light breeze, 20 degrees... and ever since this day the weather in Dunedin has been AMAZING! I'm writing this whilst completely soaked in sunshine on my bed, with every single window that can be opened WIDE open because our wee apartment feels like a sauna - slowly but surely, I can feel myself melting away... haha!

Hope you're all having a beautiful day where-ever you are! Whether that be trick-or-treating for Halloween, studying for your final exams or cat-napping in the sun (like me) x

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