Over the past few months, it's become increasingly clear to me how important it is to have a solid, reliable community around you.. both as an individual, and as a married couple.

We are lucky enough to have an extremely strong community in our family, and are eternally grateful that the relationships we have with our immediate family are so strong and so unbreakable. We know it's not always the case for your siblings to be your best friends, but for us, that's just how it is and we couldn't feel more blessed. I haven't always felt this way, so to now have that as my reality makes it all the more sweeter and even more difficult to imagine a life without our family a 10 minute drive away.

Finding friendships that feel like family is also something I think we have taken for granted over the past few years. It's only recently where I've really come to realise (and whole-heartedly appreciate) the impact that my friendships have on me. I'm not talking surface friendships - I'm talking the deep, soul-filling kind of friendships that remain stable, solid and consistent regardless of location, time and status.

My circle is small - and I used to think that only having a couple of friends was a bad thing. I used to think that the more friendships I had, the more fulfilled I would feel but I couldn't have been more wrong. My girlfriends that I keep close these days are some of the strongest women I know. They influence me and drive me to be better. They call me out when I'm in the wrong, and push me forward towards my fears because they believe in me and what I'm doing. They FaceTime me to say "hi"/"I'm thinking of you" even when they're in the middle of their supermarket shop, and they turn up at my doorstep with wine and chocolate when they know I've had a bad day.

Maybe not sisters by blood, but soul sisters, they are.

To finish, I want to bring light to this C.S. Lewis quote I came across and couldn't agree with more (but I'd say that a circle around a picnic blanket at the beach would also do the trick!) 

“Is any pleasure on earth as great as a circle of Christian friends by a good fire?”
- C.S. Lewis

I hope you all find your tribe.
 People always say don't settle for "the one", but I also think you shouldn't settle for friendships that aren't the real deal. They can do more harm than good and you deserve more than that.

Love + light,
A x 

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