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13 Jul 2017


Over the last 48 hours, Dunedin has been hit with one of the biggest snow storms we've seen in years. We often hear the forecast "snow to 300m", but very rarely do we hear "snow to sea level"! For once, the weather predictions were right, and all my wildest dreams came true. It snowed at the beach! At the BEACH!


  1. If you can drive (and it's safe to do so), go out and explore! Head to the hills! Your favourite spots around the city transform into a whole different kind of wonderland when the ground is white... even your not so favourite spots may have a new appeal to them.
  2. Make hot chocolates. That's a given though, right!? The bigger the better!
  3. Go tobogganing! If you don't have a sled, a cardboard box often works just fine, haha. We didn't get to do this yesterday, but it's at the top of my list for next time we get a good dumping! When I was younger, we used to always go to the farm next door with whatever make-shift sled we could come up with and zoom down the paddocks -- some of my best snow day memories!
  4. Put on your favourite winter spotify playlist (this is my current favourite) and get fully into the winter spirit. Winter for us in New Zealand is in June / July, so christmas music doesn't quuuuuite make sense for us, but that doesn't stop me from putting this song on and feeling a lil festive!
  5. Have a snow fight. Let your inner child come out and go crazy. 
  6. Hike to the highest point around you and take in the view. Seeing a city blanketed in snow is the most beautiful thing.
  7. And finally, number 7 - ENJOY THE SLOW. Everything comes to a halt when it snows (in New Zealand, anyway!). Enjoy the fact that you can't get into work... enjoy the cozy, unexpected sleep in you get... and try and enjoy the influx of snow-related posts your FB and IG will be flooded with! ;-)
What are your must-do's on a snow day? Let me know in the comments!

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