Last week was a long, long week.

Our friends have been going through such a rough time (why do the kindest people always seem to have the worst luck?) and we ourselves have been in a new season of impending change and uncertainty. We'd kind of put the idea of purchasing a home to rest for the forseeable future and were 100% ok with it, with our eyes set on plane tickets, new experiences and big dreams. That's all been turned on its head however, as new circumstances mean that the house "door", if you will, may have a chance at re-opening again! It's so exciting, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't feeling a wee bit nervous about it.

Change is good, and so is stability. I know this deep down, with Tim bringing so much stability to my life since day one, however when it comes to other big decisions (like settling, buying a home etc) the idea of being "stable" gets me all jittery inside. Until we got married, I'd never had a consistent home - a home from childhood, a home that felt totally like mine, a home that I felt I had some sort of ownership over. Of course, home is where your family is, but the physical, "four-walls" part of that is not something I've ever been used to. Although I'm ridiculously apprehensive about the whole house-buying process, the fact that we get to do it together is beyond exciting. We could paint the walls whatever colour we wanted, we could plant a G A R D E N ! (pretty freakin' pumped about that last part, although my green thumb is something to be discovered)

Last night we decided to end the week by going out and shooting at sunset. We've both been in a bit of a creative rut recently, but it felt so good to get out and be creative together to say goodbye to the week that was. As you can see, I didn't get a chance to photograph my sweet husband at all... It's quite a change being the one in front of the camera nowadays - oh boy have the tables turned!

The wind was insane (as you will be able to tell from the photos), and it was a littttllleeee bit colder than we had anticipated, but that's what you get for living so close to Antarctica, right?


  1. Great photos! Love this hat!


  2. Love love love this! I'm so excited for you two and to see where life will lead you xx


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