Tim regularly travels up to Oamaru and Timaru for work, and sometimes I like to go with him to accompany him on the drive and spend time with the Gonzales side of our family. On Tuesday I decided to join him last minute and when we arrived, we took the family pup out to the beach for an evening walk. Tim likes to call Duke "his dog" and his "replacement" as his family got him just as Tim was moving out of home!

We often talk about getting a puppy (I've even gone so far as to look them up on Trademe and send Tim links, haha!) and know that one day when we get our own place, adding a canine member to our little family will be high up there on the priority list.

Although Duke is definitely a cute little dude (no denying that) he did teach us a wee lesson on our beach walk and that was.... puppies are A LOT harder to take portraits of than toddlers! He gave us such a hard time and would never sit still long enough for us to pose him where we wanted him 😂 we did get a few good snaps between us though, and a few funny ones as well. I'll leave the one that had me in hysterics at the bottom of this post as a wee treat 😂

We both reeeeeally want to get a husky - but we've heard that they're very intense dogs to own! 

What are your favourite dog breeds?

.....and one more, because this one had me laughing SO HARD!

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