Every year at the end of March, the city of Dunedin comes alive with excitement and anticipation. Its the time of year that Duendinites pull out their most fashionable attire and dress to the nines to attend ID Fashion Week. ID is an event which runs over several nights, showcasing the collections of both up and coming design talent and well-established New Zealand and international designers. It is such an important event for the culture of our city, and is held at the Dunedin Railway Station. It's the most stunning venue for an event like this - with a runaway that is the longest in the southern hemisphere! 

This year was the first year that we attended, and we loved it. We were lucky enough to be invited along to the shows as media, so got to shoot from the media pit alongside the big news outlets! Tim was absolutely buzzing off the vibes and atmosphere down there - it was so cool to see him in his photography element!

We were both ridiculously blown away by the creativity and talent we witnessed across both nights, but particularly in the emerging designers show! From fishing tackle to pompoms, the creativity was out of this world.

I was debating whether to split this blog post into two, but then decided I may as well just make an entire, full blog post and include a whole bunch of photos from across the two nights!
I'm not lying when I say I was obsessed with everything that came down the runway on the first night at the Emerging Designers Show - it's too hard to pick a favourite! (I feel like that's a total cop-out, but its true! SORRY!)

My favourite collections from night two however would have to be that of Charmaine Reveley, Winifred and DADA. Can I have it all please?!?!

If you're a Dunedin local (or even just a visitor!), we'd highly recommend grabbing a ticket for the show next time it's on.

P.S. If you make it to the end... there's a sneaky wee vlog from the show!

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