Despite being to Queenstown more times than we can count, we've never really taken the time to explore Arrowtown. Even though its so close to Queenstown, it's a spot that we have always just driven through - in one end, out the other. 

When we were visiting Queenstown for our anniversary, we decided to take the drive back to Dunedin slowly and finally stopped in Arrowtown to have a good look around. It's so cute! We ended up eating at The Chop Shop, and it was delicious. I often find it hard to find good vegetarian food, and as I don't like eggs, finding good vegetarian breakfast food is even harder! The Chop Shop did not disappoint - I managed to get a ridiculously tasty mexican vege dish for brunch and it was divine! We didn't snap any photos of it unfortunately, it got gobbled up too quickly. You'll just have to trust me that it looked as good as it tasted!

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