Travelling with you.

Quite possibly, my favourite thing in this world.

It's not always sunshine and white sand, coffee dates and acai bowls, cute couple photos and 'gram' worthy views, new clothes and new friends.

Quite often, its the opposite.

In reality, when travelling we spend a good chunk of our time arguing over the quickest way to get somewhere when we're in a new city, getting frustrated at each other for not 'helping' the other with luggage in airports, taking out our mood swings on one other when we're both 'hangry', me finding it unreasonable that you hate sand and don't want to spend our entire day on the beach and you finding it unreasonable that I don't like coffee and don't want to spend all day sitting in cafe's trying out the newest single origin.

Travelling together is a mixed bag of stressful moments, new experiences, frustrated outbursts and bonding memories. That comes with the territory - with the unfamiliar and the new.

We do it all though because we love it. Every single bit of it.

Seeing new places, with you, will never grow old. I hope even though we will grow old, we'll still always make it a priority. 

I'll never tire of it, and I'll never tire of you. 

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