I'm not gonna lie, part of my huge excitement of going to Australia was due to the fact that I knew I'd get to hang out with this girl. Sam and I became friends years ago, through a mutual love of photography, blogging and our shared faith. We'd always dreamed about packing up our bags, our boys, and our cameras and meeting up with each other somewhere exotic and picturesque but it wasn't until Tim and I got engaged in October 2015 that plans to hang out "in real life" actually started to become a feasible thing.

Sam flew over and shot our wedding (best decision ever!) and we got to spend a liiiiiittle bit of time together amidst the craziness that is the week before your wedding.. fair to say, Tim and I were excited to have some quality hang times without the insane wedding circumstances and pressure that we were under last time!

Sam picked me up from the airport (with Tim, yay!) and we headed into the CBD to pick her fiance, Stephen, up from work. They then took us for dinner at the cutest little rooftop restaurant (no photos of that sorry! but if you watch the vlog linked below, you'll see it in that!) and then we all went down to Circular Quay and explored the area, making sure to get those classic tourist photos in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House! ;-)

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