One evening whilst staying with our friends Shawn and Ellie in Sydney, Australia, we went down to the beach for an early evening dip in the water. The clouds were stormy and it felt like the heavens would open at any minute, but it was warm and moody and to be honest, it was just the way I like the beach! I love when you feel like you have the entire beach to yourself, allowing time and space for you to soak up the moment and immerse yourself in your own thoughts and the sound of the crashing waves.

Just before we left for Australia, Frankie Jones were kind enough to send me a few pieces to try out. This kimono is one of them. I've been wearing it both casually and as a beach cover-up, and I'm obsessed! If you follow me over on Instagram (@ariana.leilani) you may have noticed I've been wearing it quuuuuuuite a lot... ;-)

I'm a huge fan of this label and am so, so proud to be working with them. Their ethos of "slow" fashion - where organic materials, fair trade and supporting local artisans is always at the forefront of their minds - is something my heart completely aligns with.

To read more about Frankie Jones, click here, and to pick up one of these gorgeous kimono's for yourself, click here! They also have an incredibly adorable baby line which I've totally been swooning over, for all you mama's out there!


  1. Mona Vale misses you! You also look totally babe in these photos. And I'm totally checking out their baby line, woo!

    1. Awww you're the sweetest, girl! Dunedin is waiting to meet you with open arms.. and yes, do! I've been 150% swooning over their baby stuff - almost tempted to buy some and just keep them in a box till the time comes... haha!


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