If you watch our vlogs, you'll already know that Tim has found a new love in the world of film cameras. He has always been curious, but it wasn't until staying with our friends Shawn + Ellie in Australia that his fascination with film really sky-rocketed to a new level.

We've spent hours and hours over the past couple of weeks scouring the opshops of Dunedin to find the best second-hand bargains on old film cameras - and we've found some goodies! Maybe I'll get Tim to jump on here one day and talk you through exactly what we've scored, but for now, my description of "film camera" will have to do. ;-)

Last week, Dunedin was hit with a crazy thunder and lightning storm (it was so full on, hail and everything!) which caused surface flooding through town and shops along George St (our main street) to be forced to close in the middle of the day (it was bad!)

It had started to clear by the evening, but the sky was still the most beautiful stormy shades of grey and blue so we decided to jump in the car and drive to one of our favourite spots in Dunedin - Highcliff Road. Tim shot a few shots on his Olympus film camera (we're yet to get a roll developed so who knows if it will even produce good photographs!) and we played around on our new favourite lens for our 5D - the Sigma Art 35 1.4. 

I love shooting with my sweet husband, and am always so thankful that we get to share this passion / hobby together. 

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