On Sunday night, we drove out to Macandrew Bay (on the peninsula) to spend the evening having a picnic dinner with some of our good friends, Ash + Sam.

During our drive there, Tim and I found ourselves talking about how we really haven't taken advantage of picnics this summer. We used to be such huge fans of packing up a picnic basket and spending time enjoying a meal outside (and we still do!) but life lately has been so hectic that being intentional about getting out in the evenings has taken a bit of a back seat on our priority list. Quite often, when it comes to 6pm all we want to do is snuggle up together on the couch with our dinner bowls and get immersed in our favourite tv series, rather than taking that little bit more thought / forward thinking, jumping in the car and finding a nice wee spot to have tea.

It's something I want to do more.

I am such a beach baby, I love being outside and I loveeeee soaking up any Vitamin D I can get. We are so lucky to live so close to an endless amount of beautiful beaches that it seems like such a waste not to take advantage of it.

Picnics are such a nice, little pick me up. They are one of those simple pleasures in life that are important to prioritise. Being able to just sit together, with no distractions of your phone or the tv or even cleaning (yes, cleaning! my biggest procrastination method!) is so refreshing.

Make time in your week for the little things.

When Sunday rolls around, you'll look back and be so thankful you did!

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Travelling with you.

Quite possibly, my favourite thing in this world.

It's not always sunshine and white sand, coffee dates and acai bowls, cute couple photos and 'gram' worthy views, new clothes and new friends.

Quite often, its the opposite.

In reality, when travelling we spend a good chunk of our time arguing over the quickest way to get somewhere when we're in a new city, getting frustrated at each other for not 'helping' the other with luggage in airports, taking out our mood swings on one other when we're both 'hangry', me finding it unreasonable that you hate sand and don't want to spend our entire day on the beach and you finding it unreasonable that I don't like coffee and don't want to spend all day sitting in cafe's trying out the newest single origin.

Travelling together is a mixed bag of stressful moments, new experiences, frustrated outbursts and bonding memories. That comes with the territory - with the unfamiliar and the new.

We do it all though because we love it. Every single bit of it.

Seeing new places, with you, will never grow old. I hope even though we will grow old, we'll still always make it a priority. 

I'll never tire of it, and I'll never tire of you. 


If you watch our vlogs, you'll already know that Tim has found a new love in the world of film cameras. He has always been curious, but it wasn't until staying with our friends Shawn + Ellie in Australia that his fascination with film really sky-rocketed to a new level.

We've spent hours and hours over the past couple of weeks scouring the opshops of Dunedin to find the best second-hand bargains on old film cameras - and we've found some goodies! Maybe I'll get Tim to jump on here one day and talk you through exactly what we've scored, but for now, my description of "film camera" will have to do. ;-)

Last week, Dunedin was hit with a crazy thunder and lightning storm (it was so full on, hail and everything!) which caused surface flooding through town and shops along George St (our main street) to be forced to close in the middle of the day (it was bad!)

It had started to clear by the evening, but the sky was still the most beautiful stormy shades of grey and blue so we decided to jump in the car and drive to one of our favourite spots in Dunedin - Highcliff Road. Tim shot a few shots on his Olympus film camera (we're yet to get a roll developed so who knows if it will even produce good photographs!) and we played around on our new favourite lens for our 5D - the Sigma Art 35 1.4. 

I love shooting with my sweet husband, and am always so thankful that we get to share this passion / hobby together. 


Saturday, the 11th of February was an awesome day.

It started out by hearing Tim's band, Black Boy Peaches, latest song 'Otherside' on the radio. ON THE RADIO! Was totally a proud wife moment (and sister moment, because the other two members in the band are my brothers..) #fangirling over my husband - but what's new ;-)

We then spent the day opshopping for film cameras (again, what's new!?) and in the evening we headed out to a birthday party where we got to spend quality time with the family before the boy's played a quick wee set. I always love hearing them play - I swear they just keep getting better and better.

I snapped a bunch of photos of my sweet wee niece running around and enoying the party - honestly, she is the cutest human being I've ever seen. I am one smitten aunty, thats for sure!

If you want to check out Black Boy Peaches' music, follow this link!

I will link our vlog of the day down below also!

Enjoy x


How lucky are we that this harbour is part of our drive home?!

As we made our way home one night last week, we couldn't resist pulling over to take a few photos and watch the incredible colour display that was happening before us. God is an artist, that's for sure! 

Luckily we had Tim's Olympus OMD EM-10 MK II in the car, so we took his new lens that we bought in Sydney for a wee spin. So stoked with the results. 


I'm not gonna lie, part of my huge excitement of going to Australia was due to the fact that I knew I'd get to hang out with this girl. Sam and I became friends years ago, through a mutual love of photography, blogging and our shared faith. We'd always dreamed about packing up our bags, our boys, and our cameras and meeting up with each other somewhere exotic and picturesque but it wasn't until Tim and I got engaged in October 2015 that plans to hang out "in real life" actually started to become a feasible thing.

Sam flew over and shot our wedding (best decision ever!) and we got to spend a liiiiiittle bit of time together amidst the craziness that is the week before your wedding.. fair to say, Tim and I were excited to have some quality hang times without the insane wedding circumstances and pressure that we were under last time!

Sam picked me up from the airport (with Tim, yay!) and we headed into the CBD to pick her fiance, Stephen, up from work. They then took us for dinner at the cutest little rooftop restaurant (no photos of that sorry! but if you watch the vlog linked below, you'll see it in that!) and then we all went down to Circular Quay and explored the area, making sure to get those classic tourist photos in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House! ;-)

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