When we first got married, our bed was my double bed that I'd had all through my flatting years - it was comfortable (ish) and did the trick, but it was pretty small considering both of us tend to sleep like starfish! We didn't really have any extra cash to invest in a new bed, so a few months ago when we heard that there was a queen bed up for grabs from one of the spare rooms at my family's place, we claimed it straight away. It was a mattress and base set, and after having it for a while I really, really, really wanted to ditch the base and get a nice bed frame. It took a few months of convincing, but I finaaaaaally managed to get Tim on board one day and we purchased this frame! Shout out to Mitch and Lyndsay for helping us put it all together - turns out flat pack beds take quite a while... haha. 

At this point, we were still using our old queen mattress (honestly, I think it was about 20 years old) so it's fair to say we were STOKED when Koala wanted to send us one of their mattresses! Not only do they come in a box (which we personally think is the coolest thing ever), and then rolls out and inflates in front of your eyes, Koala adopts 1 kiwi for every mattress bought by a NZ customer. How sweet is that?!

We've now slept on our Koala mattress for 4 nights and can confirm that it is SO comfortable. It's like sleeping on a cloud. The mattress has a "zero-disturbance technology" designed to stop you from waking up from another person's tossing and turning in the night - so, so good.

Make sure you go check them out by following the links below. They're offering $75 off at the moment! Huge thanks to Koala for hooking us up, you guys are the best :-)

Koala NZ: www.koalamattress.nz
Koala Australia: www.koala.com.au

P.S. If you make it all the way to the bottom, there's a wee video of us unboxing it!



  1. This is so amazing!! Checking out their website right now!

    1. So cool aye! The novelty of a mattress being rolled up in a box is enough to sell it anyway regardless of how comfortable it is haha - but its honestly SO comfy.. we are obsessed

  2. Love love love your review of the mattress!


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