On the 17th of January 2017, my sweet husband turned a quarter of a century! The big 2-5.

Since he was working on his birthday (it fell on a Tuesday) I decided to surprise him by celebrating his birthday the Saturday before. I woke him up in the morning with a "choose your own birthday" poster, and then had some of our friends round in the evening to eat cake and then go out for dinner.

On Tuesday, the day of his actual birthday, I was a bit sneaky and bought him a new iPhone! The hardest thing about being married (and sharing bank accounts) is pulling off surprises without the other person knowing. I had to wait till the latest point possible in the day to go and buy it, because I was terrified that Tim would check our bank account during the day and either a. PANIC because a significant amount of money had disappeared from our savings, or b. KNOW that I'd bought him a new phone! I managed to pull it off though, he had noooooo idea (you can check out his reaction in the home video / vlog I did of his birthday!)

Happiest of birthdays to you babe, you're my favourite x


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