The day after Boxing Day we drove to meet my extended family to spend a few days by the lake, and to chase some sunshine since Dunedin's summer has been less than appealing this year. We had stayed in Oamaru with Tim's family the night before (and did a wee Christmas celebration / gift-giving and opening since we weren't with them on Christmas Day), so it was a three hour drive - with one hour of that being on a gravel road with no other cars in sight! We truly felt like we were driving to the middle of nowhere.

My aunt and uncle had booked out accommodation on Black Forest Station - it was absolutely stunning! We stayed in 'The Hangar' which comfortably slept 10 of us and spent our days on the lake (either on jet-ski's or on camp chairs in the sun!) and our evenings playing board games and drinking wine. Lots of wine.

There's already talk about going back next year...

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