We have wanted to go camping for so long, and finally our time came the day after Christmas! We've both been camping many times before, but never together. This is mainly as summer in New Zealand is in the Christmas season (helloooo southern hemisphere) and for as long as we've been together either one or both of us has been working full time throughout the holiday season. This year however, was a different story! It was the first time that we have ever been able to holiday together during summer, so you can bet we made the most of the two weeks we had :-)

After spending time with my extended family in Lake Benmore (see previous post), we headed up to Lake Ohau to camp with my immediate family to ring in 2017 lake-side. My family has been going up there for the past 17 years and always go and freedom camp with a bunch of life-long family friends who have been going for just as long (if not longer!). The last time I went was when I was 16 or 17, so it was so fun to go back and spend New Year's Eve with all the whanau, immediate and otherwise!

Tim did a lot of fishing, I did a lot of reading and we both spent hours and hours soaking up the sun. Had to work on our Dunedin tans you know ;-)

Unfortunately due to the wind (it was insaaaaane) we couldn't have our traditional New Year's Eve bonfire on the lake, but we did dance our way into the new year to the african drumbeats of Mumford & Son's 'Johannesburg' album (if you haven't listened to it already, stop reading this and go put it on right now!) and once the oldies went to their tents, us youngin's took the party (by party I mean a few ciders and a UE Boom Box) down to the lake to have an extended dance party of our own.

We ended up having the WORST night's sleep ever (read: no sleep whatsoever) due to the wind wanting to flatten our poor tent... we finally gave in at 6am by crawling out of our tent and completely packing it down right then and there. What a way to say hello to January 1st! ;-)

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