We just got back from a weekend in Wellington and boy, was it a bit of a whirlwind trip!

We travelled up for the wedding of one of my high school besties and were in the windy capital for a total of 48 hours. Our time was spent eating, drinking, dancing and chatting (with both old and new friends!). We hardly took ANY photos the whole time we were up there... which is a completely new thing for us! Normally when we are travelling, we often find that we are way too snap-happy and come home with cards and cards full of images to sort through, but this time was the complete opposite. It was so nice to recharge our batteries sans 'social media' and just be completely present in the company of those that we were with.

Both Tim and I have a little space in our heart just for Wellington, there's something about the city that we love so much! The culture and vibe of the city tugs at our heart strings every time we visit, and we always find ourselves talking about moving up there one day. No plans as of yet, but the future is a great unknown so never say never! ;-)

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