penguins + ponies

As I'm getting older and have travelled more, I'm fully realising how special Dunedin is.

For years growing up I despised this city, for numerous reasons which I won't go into. I've always had an overwhelming urge to move on, to see new things, to move forward by moving away. It's only been in these past couple of years have opened my eyes to the magic that is Dunedin.

Beaches. Mountains. Forests. Plains.

We really do have it all in Dunedin.

These photos were from a spontaneous Sunday drive-turned-adventure with two of our best friends, Lyndsay and Mitchell.

Mitch and Tim have been best mates for over 10 years now, so its pretty safe to say that these two are going to be in our lives for the long haul. I'm so thankful Mitch married such an awesome person (Lyndsay, that's you!) because I've been given a bestie for life in her as well. We haven't quite hit the decade mark yet, but we're getting there. ;-)

xx A

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