honeymoon: north shore, hawaii

For our last few days on Oahu, we decided to hire a rental car - BEST. DECISION. EVER. Last time around we did the same thing and got to drive ourselves right up to the North Shore (about a 45 minute drive if you cut right through the middle of the island) and then all around the coast line. It was one of our favourite memories of our last trip so we knew that we had to lock in a car again at some point!

This time was different than last. We weren't trying to fit in all the touristy things we could, we simply explored for the sake of exploring and felt no sense of urgency or need to rush throughout our days. We wandered the North Shore, drinking coffee and took in the sights all around us. We found a secret beach, (seriously, we were the ONLY ones on it!) and hung out with our new friend Fred, the turtle. It was so surreal and magical and crazy. I literally felt like we were on the tv show Survivor, haha!

If you go to the North Shore, you have to try out the food trucks. Pineapple salsa. Tacos. Tim always gets shrimp tacos whenever we visit and it's something he is always looking forward to!

These photos capture just a smidge of the beauty that is Hawaii. It always amazes me how the green side of Hawaii hardly ever gets shown through social media, because to me, its just as beautiful as the white sandy beaches. Some of my favourite moments in Hawaii have been the ones where we are just driving... through the lush greens or the crystal blues..

** Its been 4 months since we were in Hawaii. I would do anything to go back to these islands... there's a part of my heart that will always, always be there. Some nights I'll just sit on my laptop and flick through photos from our honeymoon, from our trip in 2014.... just dreaming of the day that we go back here again.

penguins + ponies

As I'm getting older and have travelled more, I'm fully realising how special Dunedin is.

For years growing up I despised this city, for numerous reasons which I won't go into. I've always had an overwhelming urge to move on, to see new things, to move forward by moving away. It's only been in these past couple of years have opened my eyes to the magic that is Dunedin.

Beaches. Mountains. Forests. Plains.

We really do have it all in Dunedin.

These photos were from a spontaneous Sunday drive-turned-adventure with two of our best friends, Lyndsay and Mitchell.

Mitch and Tim have been best mates for over 10 years now, so its pretty safe to say that these two are going to be in our lives for the long haul. I'm so thankful Mitch married such an awesome person (Lyndsay, that's you!) because I've been given a bestie for life in her as well. We haven't quite hit the decade mark yet, but we're getting there. ;-)

xx A

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