our engagement session

Two days before our wedding, we had our engagement photos taken.
That's what happens when you import your wedding photographer from Australia. ;)

If you haven't heard of Samantha Heather Photography before, where have you been?! I wish I could permanently import this incredible lady and keep her here forever. You never know what you're gonna get when you meet someone for the first time after only knowing them over the internet, but I'm so stoked that we have a friend for life in this lil Aussie ("burrito" ya know what I'm sayin' Sam!).

Sam, having you here, documenting the moments leading up to our wedding and our wedding itself is something we can't thank you for enough. You're a true blessing and we seriously can't wait till we get to hang out again (in Queenstown right?!)

A x

(P.s. how smokin' is my husband?! All the heart eyes, forever and ever and ever)


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