honeymoon: waikiki, hawaii

If you follow us on instagram (@ariana.leilani and @timothyjoseph) you'll already know that we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. It was our second time visiting both Oahu and the Big Island, so our experience was really different than the first time around. When you've already been to a place before, the initial excitement and buzz of everything being new has disappeared - in some cases that could be a let-down and be really disappointing but for us, on this trip, it was replaced with a warm feeling of familiarity and comfort. 

Our first stop was Oahu, and we spent our first few nights back in Waikiki. Waikiki is definitely not the place to stay if you are going to Hawaii with the intention of hanging out on private white sand beaches and sipping out of coconuts that you've foraged yourself (think skyscrapers, thousands of tourists etc etc), but if you're flying into Honolulu then it's a great first pit stop. 

We ate at our favourite Japanese restaurant everyday (Marakume Udon, seriously- CHECK IT OUT!!!) and spent the first couple of days sleeping in, getting re-acquainted with our surroundings and organising the next few days of our trip. When we arrived, we only had two nights accomodation booked! We took things day by day and it was all good until we landed in Kona... more on that later!

On one of our first days, we also explored Mauna Loa falls. Driving into this place literally felt like Jurassic Park. Considering Hawaii was where it was filmed, it made us a little giddy to look up and see the huuuuuuge trees towering over us. Not gonna lie, there were a couple of times when I got a little freaked after psyching myself out about the "dinosaurs" that might come out at any second... haha!

The actual falls however, were SO disappointing. I don't recommend going there if you are expecting a waterfall! More like a little trickle! We hiked aaaaaall the way up, passing so many people who were coming down and were really expecting to see something magical - but we were so disappointed! All we could do was laugh when we got to the top and saw this tiny trickle coming down.. we were cracking up at all the tourists with their selfie sticks taking a photo with the thing! For those of you reading who are from Dunedin, it was smaller than the Ross Creek waterfall, haha!

A x

our engagement session

Two days before our wedding, we had our engagement photos taken.
That's what happens when you import your wedding photographer from Australia. ;)

If you haven't heard of Samantha Heather Photography before, where have you been?! I wish I could permanently import this incredible lady and keep her here forever. You never know what you're gonna get when you meet someone for the first time after only knowing them over the internet, but I'm so stoked that we have a friend for life in this lil Aussie ("burrito" ya know what I'm sayin' Sam!).

Sam, having you here, documenting the moments leading up to our wedding and our wedding itself is something we can't thank you for enough. You're a true blessing and we seriously can't wait till we get to hang out again (in Queenstown right?!)

A x

(P.s. how smokin' is my husband?! All the heart eyes, forever and ever and ever)

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