October 11th, 2015.

We were heading up to Oamaru to visit Tim's family for the day. We'd been meaning to go for weeks and weeks and this particular weekend was going to finally give us the chance to make that hour drive up the coast to spend time with the Gonzales clam. We hit the road at about 9:30am after a stop at Starfish on the beach front for coffee (a road trip essential) - the sun blazing down so persistently into our car that we needed the air conditioning on even at that early hour of the morning.

As we headed north, Tim realised that his family would be at church till about 12:30 at least, and suggested that we "may as well make the most of this incredible day" and take a cruisy trip up. "I packed a picnic for brunch, lets find a beach!" he said.

We pulled over past Purakanui Beach, took a foreign dirt road and drove around to a little beach we'd never been to before... only seen from a distance. We still don't know what it is called. We walked through a forest of lush green trees... sand at our feet, a galaxy of greenery above us. It was magical.

As we walked through to a clearing in the trees we began to hear the waves and saw the white sand multiplying in front of our eyes. All of a sudden we were on a beach with no-one else around.

We set out the picnic blanket, took off our shoes and lay down in the sunshine. We listened to the soothing, crashing sounds of the waves, harmonising so perfectly with the sounds of Sleeping at Last, Jon Foreman and Kodaline that were playing from one of our phones. We stuffed our faces with strawberries, croissants, apple juice and chocolate. We enjoyed each others company.

We sat in silence for a while. I was taking in the incredible beach that we had somehow so accidentally stumbled across, and was pondering how we'd never discovered it before. I turned around to say something to Tim and there he was... on one knee. Holding a little black box open towards me that held the symbol of what was to be the most life-changing response I'll ever have to make.

It's a blur from then on. I remember crying, screaming, shaking, freaking out (having a panic attack, ha) and then endless and endless amounts of laughter. I remember Tim laughing at me in response to my reaction. He tells me that he did actually say the words "will you marry me" but I genuinely can't remember it. He also claims that I said YES before he even had a chance to get the words out. I don't remember that either.

It was the craziest moment of my life.

I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this man. He is my rock, my best friend.
The perfect person for me.

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