western australia

For the first week of this month (which was ages ago I know, sorry!!!), Tim was lucky enough to be whisked off to Western Australia for a work trip. As he works in the travel industry, his work trip consisted of going across the ditch to experience some of Australia's coolest tourist activities and spending time liasing with Tourism Western Australia (basically everybody's dream work trip!). He spent 7 days exploring Perth, Broome and Cape Leveque, all whilst experiencing a hint of intense summer heat before it hits our shores down here in New Zealand.

To say I am jealous of the sights he got to see and the things he got to do is an understatement. His photos make me swoon, and are a huuuuge motivation to get my spending under control and start seriously saving towards another overseas adventure!

*All photos taken by Tim Gonzales

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  1. Just found your blog. My husband and I live in Hawaii right now so I felt we had a connection instantly ;) Your adventures look amazing! Stoked to be following along!


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