through rain or shine

It is not unusual for Jule and I to take a drive on a Friday morning.
In fact, it has almost become routine.
Yesterday, our Friday drive took us out the peninsula to a little place called Hooper's Inlet.
The rain came suddenly and left just as quickly. As did the snow.
The sun broke through the surface of the hovering black clouds and danced across the water, glistening with joy as if it had been there all along.
We talked about life, boys, marriage and our interpretations of it and giggled about the man who caught us admiring his architecturally-divine house.
We enjoyed both the simplicity and the complexity of nature, and I silently marvelled at how He is the most incredible and creative artist the world will ever know.
Tim face-timed me from Broome, Australia, whilst riding a camel along the shores of a beach I can only dream of setting foot on one day.
It reminded me once more what an incredible time we live in.
A time where we can speak to our loved ones with the click of a single button regardless of the miles between us.
It was exactly what I needed.
A change in outlook, a flip in perspective.
To really appreciate what I take for granted every single day.
PTL for Friday drives.

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