the gift of new friends

As I'm getting older, I'm realising how difficult it can actually be to meet new people and make new friends as an adult. Without school, without after school sports, without clubs - making friends is a much more intentional thing. Friends don't just fall into your lap, you have to go out and find them yourself.

I'm so thankful for Timothy and his constant eagerness to try new things. He took a jump into the deep end of the pool earlier this year and started playing ice-hockey. He couldn't skate to begin with, and didn't know a single person at the Dunedin club - both things that would stop me from even thinking about starting a new sport. If I don't have someone there to brave the scaryness of a new environment with me, I won't do it. Turns out I need to take a leaf out of Tim's book.. he is always showing me that stepping out of your comfort zone is how the best things happen.

Tim met Jaime and Adele through ice-hockey and they are two of the most chilled out, laid-back people I have ever met. They live in a cute little house half an hours drive out of the city, with their two dogs and the beach right on their doorstep.

On Saturday, we drove out to Blueskin Bay for coffee and a picnic. We love exploring places that we've never been to before, and this was one of those days. Jaime and Adele showed us one of their favourite spots to hang out just around from their place, and we spent the afternoon laughing, chatting, climbing, relaxing, and watched the most beautiful golden hour happen before our very eyes.

It was peaceful, isolated, and a perfect way to kick off my week of holiday.

I live for days like these.
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