victory beach, dunedin

i have just come across a series of photos that never made it to the blog. i finished my semester one exams this morning and have spent the afternoon sifting through my hard-drives, organising and re-organising - a job that has been at the top of my to do list for quite some time.

these photos were taken back in the summer, when the sun was out more than it was away and the adventures were plenty. we went on a wee afternoon walk out to victory beach (not that we took any photos at the actual beach, typical) and explored a little bit of this city that we hadn't seen yet.

i'm off to do some baking now - as a reward to myself for finally finishing exams after the most hectic and stressful exam month of my life.

caramel muffins, i'm coming for ya. (told you junkfree june wasn't going so great...)

also, shout out to denim jackets. twins forevah. 
i hope that when we are old and grey, we are still rockin' our denim jackets together and saying... "remember the days when..."


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