a weekly vlog?

Photos are one of my biggest treasures. I love looking back on moments we've lived together over the years and transporting my mind back to different snapshots of this life we're living. I love being able to remember that time that we went on our first Japanese date because of a photograph taken in the spur of the moment, or the time that we danced in his parent's living room and couldn't stop laughing. Photos are priceless. I'm a huge advocate for photographing anything and everything (if you couldn't tell).

When we were away on our big trip we made sure to take a million photos - documenting everything from the small little things we did in our everyday to the bigger things. Those photos will be treasured in our hearts forever.

Once we got back from overseas I had one regret. I wish we had videoed ourselves more. After getting caught up in the world of vlogging when we got home (seriously, how had I not known about this phenomenon before!?!?), I look back and think how cool it would be if we had filmed ourselves running around Times Square, or filmed our excitement as we boarded that first plane.

In saying that, we have been thinking more and more about videoing little bits and pieces of our lives right now. We both really want to do it. It will probably be awkward, uncomfortable and most likely rather boring (haha, seriously though), but in a few years time I think we will appreciate having snippets of life captured on film, because who knows what life is going to look like in 2, 5 even 10 years time?

I don't know when it's going to happen, or if it will actually happen, but I'd love to start doing a weekly vlog. I've being seeing a few pop up here and there of people I follow on social media and I love that they will have these memories on film now, not just through a photograph. Maybe we'll start slow and just start filming little snippets of our adventures and go from there... Who knows. It is a new venture (both creatively and otherwise) and one that I'm quite keen to jump into. It's a fun project for the immediate, and a gift to ourselves for the future.

If you guys would be interested in watching, let me know and maybe we can post them online somewhere. Youtube, vimeo?

(You would have to promise not to judge us for our Kiwi accents, ha!)


  1. I think being able to record special moments through video or photo is one of the most amazing things we can do! Sometimes I think people think it's a negative aspects of technology but I think it's so special!

    Infinity Of Fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. VLOG! yes yes yes

    So much effort though....but worth it perhaps? Maybe gopros are an easier option.

    Let me know how you go because its something I've wanted to try for a while too x


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