As the end of April is nearly upon us, I figured it was time to finally share some of our photos from our Easter weekend this year. After spending time with my family for the first two days of the weekend, we headed up to Lake Tekapo and Twizel for some much needed (but rather hasty) hang out time with the Gonzales crew (Tim's family).

Getting away is exactly what I needed. Time to breathe, relax, unwind, detach and be free.
Getting away from city life is the cure for anything, in my opinion.

A really special Sunday

Our friends got engaged!
They've officially decided to hang out for life, and we couldn't be more happy for them.

This weekend we went to the beach (my happy place) with a group of our friends, (Tim used to flat with the boys, and I used to flat with the girls!) and whilst we were there, Eden and Lisa wandered off on their own. Lisa came back with tears streaming down her face and a big sparkly thing on her finger, and Eden came back with a grin as big as the cheshire cat.

We feel so lucky to have been there to celebrate with them moments after it all went down. We were there when they first got together 2 years ago, and to have been there with them as they took the next step in their relationship was so special.

These last couple of weeks have been so busy and hectic - I feel like I haven't had a chance to breathe, let alone slow down enough to write a blog post. Travel, Easter, family visits, engagements (yes, plural!), assignments, essays, tests, photography work... Life has been so full. I feel like I'm always saying that, but I truly feel like this last month has gone by in the blink of an eye.

How is it already nearly MAY?!

P.S. Shout out to Timothy, who just keeps getting better and better with the camera. Also, for always carrying our camera gear. (Soz babe). What a champ.

me + you

finding new places - new beaches, new forests, new roads.
you + me.
is there anything better?
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