thy brain no work

My brain is not working at the moment.
It's fried.

So much has happened over the past two weeks (and consequently, you may have noticed my absence from this little corner of the internet) that my mind has honestly not had time to catch up with and process everything that has gone on. To try and make sense of this mess in my head, I am going to bullet point everything that has been occupying my "brain space" as of recent, in an attempt to; a. give you a little catch up, and b. relieve myself of some GB's, because this mental hard drive is FULL.

- Festival One. (click here)
- Roadtrip from the bottom of the south island to the top (not quite, but almost) of the north island.
- Canon 5d mark III. (yes, you read that correctly)
- Uni starts again in a week - how is summer already coming to an end? It just got here, didn't it?
- This week it's waitangi day, and the four day weekend which goes with that means Timothy and I get to go away together somewhere.. where though!? too many decisions!
- New job.
- The huge desire to quit my current job, but exercising patience and self-control daily to hold on to it for as long as necessary.
- Exciting summer plans (for next summer!)
- More chats about moving overseas in 2016/17... praying it's 2016 ;-)

Brain officially emptied.
Head now needs to hit pillow.


  1. I feel the same, I love having a busy life but sometimes it feels as though everything is passing me by because so much is going on all at once! I think I might have to unload some GB's too. xx


    1. Unloading the GB's feels so good. Busy life = fun life but its so important to take time to slow yourself down and have a breather!

  2. My brain isn't working either// how fast it the time flying.
    Perfect pictures as always, wish I had such get aways]

    1. yes, how is it already february!?
      you always leave the sweetest comments Aiko - I so appreciate it :-)

  3. gorgeous pictures! so serene. :)

    hope you get some time to rest your brain! ;)

    1. my brain is well and truly rested and refreshed now! kaikoura is amazing. serene is the perfect word. :-)


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