Sometimes we leave the camera at home.
Sometimes it's not all about 'getting the right shot' and finding the right angle.

It was 22 degrees this afternoon and since Tim had the day off, and since he lives a 2 minute walk from this place, we headed down to the beach.

What we saw when we got there was not what we expected. Fog and mist that meant we couldn't see further than 10 metres in front of us. No people.

It was eerie and surreal and isolated and romantic and magical and perfect.

Just him and me.

(oh, and our iphones.. ;-))

those that inspire - 05

01 // @bethanymenzel - This lady and her sweet little family are just the most precious and photographic trio that has ever graced the internet. Bethany has the most incredible style - seriously, in every photo I see of her she is wearing the best outfits! Oh my gosh, and her daughter, Poppy Darling, is cute enough to literally make your heart melt into a billion pieces. Last week, she announced her second pregnancy in an adorable set of photos with her husband, David, and little Poppy... so excited to follow along with these guys as they transition from a family of three to a family of four!

photos sourced from bethanymenzel.com

02 // @mytinytribe - this woman is the definition of inspiration. She has fought some huge battles, and is still fighting them to this day. I don't know how she does it, and I am in awe of her courage, strength, determination and constant faith. Amanda is a beautiful, beautiful lady and I'm so glad to have stumbled across her feed last year.

"At 37 weeks pregnant with my younger daughter, after several months battling preeclampsia, I got Bell's palsy - a nerve disorder that paralyzed half my face. 2% of people never recover, and I am one of them. It had wreckend me and recreated me. I'm learning to redefine my idea of beauty and be comfortable in my own skin again."

photos sourced from mytinytribe

03 // @deercircus - Bridget Park. A woman of mesmerising words, sentences and paragraphs. Bridget's blog is a constant source of inspiration for me - she posts regularly and each and every post/photograph of hers that pops up on my feed have so many magical and whimsical elements. Her way with words is a true gift, and I can only dream that one day I will be able to entwine my writings together the way she can. To see more from Bridget, click here.

photos sourced from @deercircus

i'm going to try and post three new "inspirations" a week, in the hopes of sharing all the warm fuzzies that these creatives give me on a daily basis, and all the motivation that they provide me with to continue striving for the best in my photography.

if you feel like joining in, please let me know! 
i would love to follow along with you and see who inspires you!

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music on the mind

Tiff + Jassh from Late Night Poets - photos sourced here

My latest music go-to's. An eclectic mix, as per usual. Uni starts back up next week and I've been savouring these last few days of slow, lazy mornings. It's always such a mix of emotions when the summer break is over, but honestly, getting back a little bit of routine in my life wouldn't be the worst thing... Only 3 more semesters of my degree to go! 
'Let's do this thaaaaang' ✌

01 // You're The One That I Want - The Lennings
02 // Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding
03 // Your Love Is Strong - Jon Foreman
04 // My Darling - Late Night Poets
05 // Let It Out - Switchfoot

What have you been listening to this week?
(all listed above have links attached)

dreams i dream

one || two

dreams I dream:
new york bagels.
lazing all day.
his arms around me.
seeing every corner of the world.
curly haired babies.
snow covered trees.
white horses.
hawaiian sand.
salted caramel macarons.
a home in the woods.
caramel babies.
'sleeping at last'.
black and white.
never-ending laughter.

*inspired by beetle & fig


I'm lying in bed, at 2:47pm, when it's 24 degrees outside... and i'm dreaming of winter.

I'm dreaming of the icy blast that hits your face as soon as you open the door, the silent slumber that the world falls into when the snow begins to fall, the romance of needing your other half's body heat to keep you warm.

I'm dreaming of hot chocolates overflowing with cream and marshmallows, of woollen socks and of mittens and beanies and scarves.

I know I shouldn't be wishing for winter, but I am.

I love summer and everything that comes with it, but some days - some days all I want to do is play in the snow. In my mind, snow is the most magical thing.

My social media feeds are full of photos of snow adventures and winter woollies, and it is hard not to crave a life of opposite seasons. I know that we are beyond blessed to be able to call New Zealand home, but I often find myself wishing that my Decembers, Januarys and Februarys could be full of everything warm and cozy, like those in the Northern Hemisphere encounter.

One day we'll get there - one day we'll have a Northern Hemisphere winter and a Northern Hemisphere summer. One day our seasons will switch, but in the meantime I have to learn how to push these thoughts out of my head and embrace the now. The 'now' which is providing me with lazy summer evenings, late night gatherings, and jandals and sun dresses. Afternoons full of iced teas, sunscreen and Fat Freddy's Drop, because...

winter will come soon enough.

the first spin

*Photos taken by Timothy (what a champ, right?!)

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that we (I say we, but really, it's Tim's) acquired a Canon 5D Mark III. Every time the shutter clicks, I sigh. It's a beautiful, beautiful sound that only one that is obsessed with cameras/photography could ever understand.

Yesterday, as we were driving to Tim's favourite cafe 'The Fix' to get a morning coffee, all we could see was a thick, heavy fog on the hills in front of us. We knew it was the perfect time to take the 5D on its first official (if taking photos of each other can be classified as 'official') photoshoot.

This was the result.

pinterest lovin'

Confession: I'm a bit of a sucker for Pinterest.
I often find myself lost in pins and boards for hours and hours on end, finding new DIY activities that I am dying to try but will never get around to, or feeling all sorts of feelings towards incredible photography of people, places, weddings, and babies. I mean seriously guys, the babies. Join pinterest just for the cute babies.

As of late, I have found myself getting constant inspiration through photos of love. One of Tim and I's favourite things to do is take photos of one another - individually is okay, but having photos together is what truly makes my heart warm. The fact that we will have these photos to look back on forever and the ability to see how our relationship has evolved over the years through these photographs, is so so special. I love seeing photos of love pop up on my Pinterest feed, and it takes everything in me not to re-pin every single one. Not only do they fill me with happiness and a generous amount of warm fuzzies, they also give me photo ideas for ourselves.

All photos can be found on my pinterest board sweet lovin', which can be found here

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it's a thin line

I quit my job today.
The tension had been building up for a long time, and on Monday an incident occurred between my boss and I which was the final straw. The "straw that broke the camel's back" so to speak.

It's fair to say that I haven't been happy in my part-time job over the past couple of months. My time there has certainly been a testing one, and it has truly made me appreciate how much people can make or break a place. It is hard to feel at ease in an environment or enthusiastic about a workplace when those further up the hierarchy show no respect or care towards their employees. It is not a nice place to be, and whilst feeling worried about my finances after this decision, I am so relieved to not have to step foot through those doors again.

Sometimes, I find that the line between being accepting and being walked all over is a thin one. How forgiving can you let yourself be, before you just become a push over? Its a question that I'm not sure even has a 'right' answer.

Whatever the answer may or may not be, I'm proud of myself for standing up for myself and saying 'no'. Putting that letter and my uniform down on my boss' desk this morning was one of the best feelings. That door is now closed, and I can just look forward and start the job search with a fresh mind. Should I just forget about a part-time job for this semester and focus on my studies? Or should I just start intentionally investing my time and effort into growing my own photography business?

I have no answers now, but time will tell.

one year

One year today.

That's how long this blog has been in existence.
When we first started this blog, it was just a place for us to document our travels around North America and Hawaii for our families. We didn't want to bombard Facebook with billions of obnoxious selfies, photos of ugly (but cool at the time) statues and snaps of our dinners every night of the week. We didn't want to be those people (you know the ones).

In one year, this space has grown to be so much more than that. It has become a journal of this life we are living - The good, the bad and the normal. Tim doesn't really post on here anymore, but the transition of this blog from 'ours' to 'mine' has been a natural one. I have no doubt that the next time we go overseas, he will jump back on board in a heartbeat, so in some ways this blog is not mine at all. This blog was born at the very start of what turned out to be the best year of our lives, and to have that documented is something that we will always hold close to our hearts.

Really, all I want to do is say thank you. To you, the reader, for allowing me to grow this little community and for shaping it into whatever it is today. For those loyal ones who comment on every single post. For those of you that pop in every now and again just to say hello. Whether I know you personally, whether you have been following along since the start of our travels, whether you have come on board via instagram, or whether you stumbled across this blog by complete accident - thank you.

I follow a lot of different bloggers, from a newly married woman in America to a single mother in Australia, but to think that somebody might be interested in observing the happenings of our lives and be willing to encourage us the whole way along this unpredictable rollercoaster of life is so crazy.

You guys are awesome.
Thank you.

january - in little squares

+ the place where I have been travelling to for work over the past few weeks - kaka point
+ all my little girl dreams come to life. the magic of white horses and an empty field.
+ kaikoura, a pit stop on our roadtrip from south to north.
+ I love seeing him behind the camera. but I prefer him to be my model. ;-)
+ my man turned 23. celebrations in the form of coffee & the biggest cooked breakfast (not pictured)
+ festival one - family time, jon foreman time, and summer time. yes.
+ our new baby... canon 5d mark III. all the love.
+ my 21st "non-party", the most perfect set-up thanks to my amazing older brother.
+ foggy days reminding me that summer can disappear in a heart beat.

you can follow me on instagram here: @aritaiaroa

those that inspire - 04

'Those That Inspire' is back! 
- after a long hiatus, I am hopeful that I can keep this series up and continue to bring you new inspirations to fill your feeds with. Fingers crossed.

01 // @racheljwise - one very talented lady and a beauty as well! it's fair to say that i am obsessed with her hair, her style and her instagram feed.. I've been following her for a long long time now and I've watched her continue to get better and better and better with her photography (if that's even possible!). I'm constantly inspired by the work that she puts out, and you will be too. P.S. she totally takes some of the blame for me wanting to move to the desert! *heart eyes*

photos sourced from @racheljwise

02 // the brizuela family from documentingdelight. seriously, how adorable is this family?! I can't remember exactly how I came across these guys, but man, I am so glad I did. Georgia is the type of girl I just want to be friends with. Her passion for life, beauty and her family is so evident through every photo and every blog post. Together with her husband, Errol, they have the three cutest kids in the world (Priya, Theo and Florin) and their documentation of their everyday life is a pleasure to peek into. If you want to fill your feed with daily doses of adorable - hit up @documentingdelight.

photos sourced from documentingdelight blog and @documentingdelight

03 // @ellie_lowe - newly married to her photographer/videographer husband @shonlowe, Ellie lives just across the ditch in Australia. She recently wrote about social media, online jealousy, and the power of an instagram filter, on her blog and I 100% think that its a post that everyone should read. This topic has been circulating around the internet lately, and her message in this post is so powerful. 

"Social media is often a platform in which people can showcase their lives to be much more extravagant and luxurious than what they actually are. While this is all well and good, it can affect how people not just view your life, but feel about their own."

To read this post and to follow Ellie, click here - shesgonelala.wordpress.com.

photos sourced from @ellie_lowe

i'm going to try and post three new "inspirations" a week, in the hopes of sharing all the warm fuzzies that these creatives give me on a daily basis, and all the motivation that they provide me with to continue striving for the best in my photography.

if you feel like joining in, please let me know! 
i would love to follow along with you and see who inspires you!

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thy brain no work

My brain is not working at the moment.
It's fried.

So much has happened over the past two weeks (and consequently, you may have noticed my absence from this little corner of the internet) that my mind has honestly not had time to catch up with and process everything that has gone on. To try and make sense of this mess in my head, I am going to bullet point everything that has been occupying my "brain space" as of recent, in an attempt to; a. give you a little catch up, and b. relieve myself of some GB's, because this mental hard drive is FULL.

- Festival One. (click here)
- Roadtrip from the bottom of the south island to the top (not quite, but almost) of the north island.
- Canon 5d mark III. (yes, you read that correctly)
- Uni starts again in a week - how is summer already coming to an end? It just got here, didn't it?
- This week it's waitangi day, and the four day weekend which goes with that means Timothy and I get to go away together somewhere.. where though!? too many decisions!
- New job.
- The huge desire to quit my current job, but exercising patience and self-control daily to hold on to it for as long as necessary.
- Exciting summer plans (for next summer!)
- More chats about moving overseas in 2016/17... praying it's 2016 ;-)

Brain officially emptied.
Head now needs to hit pillow.
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