a seaside town

Kaikoura - New Zealand

2014 - the year that was

It may be the 16th of January already (what?!?!!), but I couldn't let another day pass me by without finally posting a little twenty-fourteen roundup, because honestly, 2014? You were a goodie. You were the best yet.

I'm lost for words when I try and think of ways to describe last year. I felt feelings I'd never felt before and saw wonders I'd only ever looked at through a screen. I got even closer to my best friend and together we opened doors which had been closed within my life for years and years. We tasted snow, danced in central park, re-evaluated our hopes and dreams and ignited a new and intense passion/desire to see them come to life - chasing them with everything we've got.

2014, you showed me how big and beautiful this world is and how much more we have yet to see.
2015, where are you going to take me?!

time for a change

this little corner of the internet just got a well-deserved makeover.
do you like it?!
please bear with me as i iron out the kinks and change things around a little over the next week or so!

sending all the x's and o's from me to you

- A

to the catlins we go

it was the second of january.
a failed promise of sunshine and warm winds.
instead, grey.
we hit the road.
to the south we went. 
ignoring our instincts,
we chased the angry skies.
a left turn.
thirty minutes drive down a road that should have taken twenty.
slow tourist campervans.
at the end - a waterfall.
but, birdsong.
so much birdsong.
a dreamland.
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