The tables are turning

as of late, tim has begun learning the ways of the camera. 
naturally, he has been demanding that i be his model.
i guess its only fair that i comply (and try to keep the grizzling to a minimum), considering i've been the one ordering him around over the last three years, and he hasn't complained nearly as much as i have. ;-)

we are heading to auckland and tauranga in a few days, and i can't help but think that getting away for a while is going to be so refreshing. also, it will (hopefully) be hot up there, and i can start working on that summer tan and enjoying all the heat that dunedin hardly ever gets (yay for living at the bottom of the southern hemisphere!...) 

we are also filming a wedding while we are up there (am i super nervous, or super excited??!!! i can't decide...) so that'll be posted at some stage! it's our first wedding, so fingers crossed that we can produce something as beautiful and precious as we are hoping for.

does anyone have any tips for videography - either in general, or in a wedding environment?
accepting any tips and advice we can get!


  1. These pictures are lovely! Also, good luck on shooting your first wedding film! I'm sure everything will turn out fine. x

  2. These are beautiful shots! Tell Tim he is doing a good job! You too on the modelling! It can feel so weird being in front of the camera when you are so used to being behind it :)

    Have a lovely time in Auckland and Tauranga! Good luck with the wedding :) x

  3. Good or him, I am trying to get y husband to do the same, but it's not taking as well as I hoped. I'm sure this is obvious, but my wedding videographer didn't put a camera in the front, so you don't see my face one time in the whole video- thanks man, I really appreciate that- I kid, it's terrible! So maybe try to get their faces and I think you'll be good to go!

  4. As I'm reading this I'm watching snow fall outside my office window. Love that you might get a little bit more sunshine than I'm getting.
    Also, I don't really have any tips for videography cause I don't do that, but I've done multiples weddings. One thing that helped me the most is having a watch. It's important to be aware of the program of the wedding and know how much time you have for what. Also, be considerate of other vendors, especially the photographer (if there is going to be one). Make friends with them right away and help them as much as possible when shooting the couple. Work together. Two brains are better than one when it comes to creating some magic.

    Good luck. xo.

  5. All the best with your wedding! That is really exciting... Good for you guys! I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job. x

  6. yay for being your partner's model. You two are seriously the New Zealand version of Stephen and I ;)

    p.s. good luck for the wedding! I'm so excited for you both. Make sure you drink lots of water and have snacks on the day! With all the chaos that a wedding brings it's so easy to forget to hydrate and feed yourself. Can't wait to see the results

  7. i love these photos, so pretty! and your hair looks lovely, makes me miss my long hair, haha:-) hope you have a good trip and i'm sure the wedding will go just fine as well! x

  8. Pretty model! Also, very much in love with the photos.


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