catching up

this last week has been so hectic.
as of friday, i have officially finished with study for the year, so I've spent the entire morning today lazing in bed, watching youtube, catching up on my neglected bloglovin' feed (89 posts - my bad!), getting up to date with all the antics of summer bay through old home and away episodes, and not feeling guilty for procrastinating from study - its the best feeling!

as i'm writing this, i'm looking out my window at the grey skies and watching the rain fall and i can't think of anywhere else i'd rather be right now. i'm tucked up in bed, listening to the new t-swizz album and drinking a freshly made berry-bannana smoothie. living the life.

i have so many blog posts to catch up on, including two adventures with T, and a surprise hen's night! today is going to be spent editing photos, and spending the e n t i r e day in my pj's.
i deserve it after three weeks of intense study and exams, right?!

i'll be back to normal posting soon, promise


  1. It's so strange being done with something for the year, right? Like you're constantly looking forward during the semester and then all of a sudden, you have absolutely nothing to worry about! Enjoy your time off!!

    1. yes! i've felt so odd all day, because i keep thinking there is something that i should be doing! thanks - have four months of summer now, going to be the best yet! :-)

  2. It must be such a good feeling to be done with the studies. I hope to hear about all your adventures soon. I absolutely love your blog and reading about your life. And yes, everyone deserves a good ole pajama day every once in awhile. xo.

    1. its such a good feeling! i've still got a year and a half to go, but finishing this year has been the best feeling in the world.

      thank you SO much, that means a lot to me. you're too sweet.



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