The tables are turning

as of late, tim has begun learning the ways of the camera. 
naturally, he has been demanding that i be his model.
i guess its only fair that i comply (and try to keep the grizzling to a minimum), considering i've been the one ordering him around over the last three years, and he hasn't complained nearly as much as i have. ;-)

we are heading to auckland and tauranga in a few days, and i can't help but think that getting away for a while is going to be so refreshing. also, it will (hopefully) be hot up there, and i can start working on that summer tan and enjoying all the heat that dunedin hardly ever gets (yay for living at the bottom of the southern hemisphere!...) 

we are also filming a wedding while we are up there (am i super nervous, or super excited??!!! i can't decide...) so that'll be posted at some stage! it's our first wedding, so fingers crossed that we can produce something as beautiful and precious as we are hoping for.

does anyone have any tips for videography - either in general, or in a wedding environment?
accepting any tips and advice we can get!

catching up

this last week has been so hectic.
as of friday, i have officially finished with study for the year, so I've spent the entire morning today lazing in bed, watching youtube, catching up on my neglected bloglovin' feed (89 posts - my bad!), getting up to date with all the antics of summer bay through old home and away episodes, and not feeling guilty for procrastinating from study - its the best feeling!

as i'm writing this, i'm looking out my window at the grey skies and watching the rain fall and i can't think of anywhere else i'd rather be right now. i'm tucked up in bed, listening to the new t-swizz album and drinking a freshly made berry-bannana smoothie. living the life.

i have so many blog posts to catch up on, including two adventures with T, and a surprise hen's night! today is going to be spent editing photos, and spending the e n t i r e day in my pj's.
i deserve it after three weeks of intense study and exams, right?!

i'll be back to normal posting soon, promise

the month of october

READING - textbook after textbook. four days until my last exam will be done and dusted!
EATING - bagels. our love affair has been rekindled.
DRINKING - smoothies! currently: raspberry, mango, banana, orange, yoghurt. mmm.
WATCHING - thriller movies - forever my favourite!
FINISHING - the uni year (finally)
MASTERING - the art of finding a park at uni. one of the biggest struggles of my day.
LEARNING - the in's and out's of premiere pro. we're about to film a wedding!
WEARING - pj's on a daily basis. that's what study days are for, right?
COOKING - with timothy. dinners together are the best!
WORKING - on saving money to buy my dream camera. literally my daily struggle.
LISTENING - to taylor swift's new album. i mean, who isn't?!
PLANNING - our north island adventure that starts in just thirteen days!
FEELING - impatient. summer holidays can't come soon enough.
WANTING - it to be the 22nd of november already, our besties are getting married!
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