those that inspire - 02

01 // @_kirstydawn - a fellow kiwi, and one heck of a talented photographer. i have only recently started following kirsty on instagram, but already her clean edits and minimalistic style have me in awe! she has a true gift for capturing landscapes, and her use of white space makes for dreamy images. if you don't already have new zealand at the top of your "must-see" list, then her photos will most definitely change that!

Photos sourced from @_kirstydawn

02 // @lindsey_e and @coreypruitt - these two! all the heart eyes, seriously! whenever i see a new post from either lindsey or corey, its the best thing ever. their photography is a constant inspiration, as is their love for one another. they just got engaged (today!!!) so i had to include their announcement photo - bottom right - which they posted on instagram.. cutest EVER!

photos sourced from @lindsey_e and @coreypruitt

03 // ella from nakedorange - serious style inspiration right here! ella writes one of my absolute favourite fashion blogs that i've ever stumbled across.. not only is she ridiculously beautiful, but the majority of the clothes she styles are thrifted pieces, or affordable items, and every single outfit post she blogs is right down my alley. her photos are always on point, and i just find her little corner of the internet to be such a hub of inspiration!
photos sourced from nakedorange

i'm going to try and post three new "inspirations" a week, in the hopes of sharing all the warm fuzzies that these creatives give me on a daily basis, and all the motivation that they provide me with to continue striving for the best in my photography.

if you feel like joining in, please let me know! 
i would love to follow along with you and see who inspires you!

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  1. @lindsay_e and @coreypruitt are too cute! that engagement photo literally put a smile on my face. definitely adding these two. :)

    1. it's so sweet, right!? you won't be disappointed, promise :-)

  2. Always love these, I found my new favorite instagram the one of the most fascinating blogs from you inspiration post- keep em coming!!

  3. I love the two cuties in love. Lindsay's instagram is not pulling up though... ):

    1. oops! thats totally my bad, i spelt her name with an 'a' instead of an 'e'! should be all good now :-)


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