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Chad Valley (via)

01 // A Pocketfull of Shells - Matt Mchugh
02 // Mexico - Luke Morris
03 // The River - Nhlanhla Majozi
04 // Vapour - Vancouver Sleep Clinic
05 // Halo - Ane Brun
06 // Shell Suite - Chad Valley

the sweet tunes that have been on repeat over the past week, as i have been attached to my computer, typing up the last round of my internal assignments for the semester.

what have you been listening to this week?
(all listed above have links attached)


  1. Can't wait to look these up and give them a listen! Don't judge me, but I am a musical loser;) I never get to listen to music anymore and have become totally out of the know, so just stick with my old favorites-Regina Spektor, first aid kit, and avert brothers.

    1. haha, let me know what you think! i LOVE all your old-favourites! i just have a constant need to discover new music, but don't get me wrong,there are times when all i want to do is relax/have a dance party with my all time faves! :-)

  2. i love playlists! i'm always on the hunt for new tunes to listen to while i clean and edit photographs!


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