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Matt Corby (via)
01 // The Golden State - City & Colour
02 // Farther Along - Josh Garrels
03 // Miss America - James Blunt
04 // Resolution - Matt Corby
05 // Latch - Kodaline

this week has been all about old favourites for me. i'm in the middle of exam period, so the music that has been filling my days have been tunes that are easy-listeners, and ones that are effortless and relaxing - enough to keep my mind satisfied, but simple enough to blend into the background whilst i'm reading and studying things from land degradation to the cycling infrastructure surrounding the north east valley of dunedin (its as dry as it sounds, trust me!). sometimes it feels like my brain literally can not take in any more information, but after a quick hot drink break and a wee escape outside, i'm renewed and ready for yet another two hours stuck in the books.
the combination of coffee + fresh air have continuously been my saving grace.

what have you been listening to this week?
(all listed above have links attached)


  1. 'latch' by kodaline has always been a favourite of mine. i really love their song "talk" as well. thanks for sharing :) good luck with those exams!

  2. Hey I've actually heard of some of these. You have been a great source of great music, blogs and instagrammers- thanks for all the inspiration, love your blog!

  3. Eep, Matt Corby is great! I'm really loving anything by Sufjan Stevens at the moment :)


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