life in little squares

+ my man is forever sneaking photos of me
+ feeling our happiest amongst the trees... calls for a selfie, don't cha think?!
+ saturday night ice-hockey date
+ exploring the otago peninsula
+ trusting the road will take us somewhere wonderful (it did)
+ p.d.a
+ my favourite human
+ remembering 9/11 and our visit to the world trade centre memorial
+ the forest is my happy place, can i be a forest princess already?

i'm so slack. its been over a month since my last instagram roundup. this last month has been a whirlwind - it has gone so fast yet i feel like we haven't actually done anything that warrants this time passing so quickly. that's not normally how it goes with me, time usually feels like its flying past when my days are full and events are happening left, right and centre.

with tim starting his first post-grad job, we have been going through a transitional phase, and although we expected it to be a significant change, i don't think we realised just how significant this new phase of life would effect us and our relationship. don't get me wrong, tim and i are great, but his work hours are long and we don't get to spend nearly as much time together as we are used to, or nearly as much time together as we would like. finding time to just chill out and relax is getting more and more limited. hanging out is no longer a spontaneous thing - it has to be planned in advance. tim works during the week and i work my part-time job during the weekend. we can't go exploring every day together. not being able to spend every spare moment we have together has made us appreciate the time we do get to have with one another - relaxing, watching trashy tv shows, cooking dinner together, and going on sunday adventures whenever we can.

i'm so thankful for a man that is willing to drop everything and fill that "spontaneity" void in my heart whenever the opportunity arises, and forever putting up with me, emotions and all.

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  1. adorable adorable adorable!! love your cute blog!!!

  2. You guys are the cutest. :)

    Also, I totally feel you about change and not being able to spend enough time together. My husband is working full time and taking classes every night. *cue my whiney face*'re right though, t is good to help you appreciate the time you do have together!

    1. oh man - that sounds so hard! at least since I am still studying my time during the week is flexible, and so are my evenings. at least we can hold on to the knowledge that it won't last forever :-)


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