READING - all about the Vietnam War, and the Bolsheviks. The history nerd inside me is having a party.
EATING - at least 3 anzac baked oaty slices by Mother Earth a day. someone stop me. they're just so good!
DRINKING - homemade smoothies. I bought a new blender specifically for smoothies, and I'm o b s e s s e d.
WATCHING - Married at First Sight (it's ridiculous, I know). I'm a sucker for reality tv, what can I say?
FINISHING - my final internal essay for the semester! 469 words of 2000 complete.
MASTERING - this whole "leave it to the last minute, it will be fiiiineeee" mindset I've got myself into. (why?!)
LEARNING - the importance of backing up my work. don't ask. ;(
WALKING - to uni... in the SUNSHINE!
WEARING - less and less layers. (finally!)
COOKING - lazily. my bad.
WORKING - on essays, all day every day. #antisocialhermit
LISTENING - to the Prince of Spain on repeat.
PLANNING - my trip up north in november! and forever planning our next overseas adventure.
FEELING - overwhelmed + stressed. leaving things to the last minutes is never a good idea.
WANTING - summer, an abundance of warmer weather, and a weekend camping trip.

how is it already the ninth of september? someone, please enlighten me.


  1. Wearing less and less layers is actually the best! So glad summer is approaching :)

  2. Summer just disappeared for us. I should move where you are at. (:



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