Tim graduated on Saturday with his Graduate Diploma in Teaching! His family came down to Dunedin for the day to celebrate him and his achievements and after I finished work (I had to work all day and missed the ceremony!), we raced down to the uni to take some quick candid shots of the family and Tim in all his regalia. We were losing light quickly, so please excuse the grain! As a photographer, I think its important to remember that its okay to not always get the "perfect" image, its okay to make mistakes sometimes and that it's necessary not to put too much pressure on ourselves. I know that I'm guilty of stressing over the little technical things that sometimes don't always go my way, but I'm teaching myself that it's okay to look past this sometimes and just appreciate the moments captured and memories that can now be stored forever!

After about 10 minutes of running around the uni trying to get a few nice photos of everybody, we went out for dinner to a wee Mexican restaurant called Alley Cantina that Tim and I discovered earlier that week! It was so delicious, and is definetely on our favourites list now! Mexican is by far one of our favourite types of dishes, and ever since being back from America we have been craving it SO. BAD. Needless to say, we are so happy to have found this wee gem of a restaurant in Dunedin!

P.S. The black and white photo is Tim's little brother Alex, who decided to steal Tim's graduation attire, and his glasses, to take some graduation photos of his own!

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