the idea of 'dreams' has been on my mind a lot recently. whilst scrolling through pinterest one day (pinterest has taken over facebook as my main procrastination outlet... from everything) i saw a photo of somebody's 'dream' jar. this person had written all their dreams down, rolled them up, tied them up with ribbon so that they had made them into little scrolls, and put them into a jar for safe-keeping. although i like to think of myself as a creative of sorts, i wouldn't say i am crafty per se, so the idea of making a physical dream jar isn't overly appealing. instead, i will write out some of my hopes and dreams here in this little space. i may add to this over time, i may just use it as a record of what i hope for the future right here, right now.

01 // to travel - to see, to experience, to feel, and to love many different places and cultures.
02 // to create a space to call home.
03 // to use my photography to help others.
04 // to move overseas for a period of time. hawaii and somewhere in europe are at the top of my list.
05 // to grow fully confident in myself.
06 // to marry, have a family, build a home and grow old with my best friend.
07 // to always remind myself to stop and take in all the little, breathtaking moments.


  1. I see your quite the dreamer as well. xx lovely blog. Shall we follow each other?


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