READING - The Virgin Suicides by Jeffery Eugenides.
EATING - an unhealthy amount of Whittaker's Milk Chocolate.
DRINKING - Barker's Orange Barley & Passionfruit syrup.. I may be slightly obsessed?
WATCHING - The Bachelorette.. guilty. as. charged.
FINISHING - unfinished blog posts.
MASTERING - getting ready in under twenty minutes (an extra half an hour in bed is so worth it!)
LEARNING - to let go, and know that things will work out.
WALKING - carefully over black ice and frost each morning on the way to uni. come on Dunedin.
WEARING - two pairs of tights on a daily basis. Who says dresses are only for summer?!
COOKING - simply. soup, soup and more soup.
WORKING - on finding a part-time job.
LISTENING - to george ezra. and an old-favourite that has got me under it's spell again.. like the dawn - the oh hello's.
PLANNING - adventures to Queenstown in the very near future.
FEELING - uneasy and anxious.
WANTING - more time with mr. gonzales.

*new series inspired by my newest friend, the lovely sam from samantha heather


  1. "and like the dawn you woke the world inside of me"
    such a good song. i love the oh hellos!

  2. :-) oh this is lovely! So glad we have befriended one another. It made my day x

  3. Gorgeous photo and interesting post :)



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