sunday snaps

+ i'm always a sucker for the ocean
+ scooters make me swoon
+ as do men in suits...
+ breakfast hawaii-style, still wishing to be back there with him everyday
+ little old oamaru
+ matchy-matchy his & hers
+ craving some sunshine in my life, this winter has been too long already
+ sunset hunting with timothy in oamaru early this week
+ adventures are always a 'yes'

the start of this week i was in oamaru with tim and his family, and the second half of this week was moving week. i moved into my new flat, and it's so fun to be setting up a new space from scratch. opening boxes which have been in storage since november last year - finding old treasures and old junk that for some reason i thought were valuable enough to store for eight months. listening to ed sheeran's new album - x - and soaking up all the wifi i can (hooray for unlimited!).

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