sunday snaps

+ lazy days call for afternoon adventures
+ a freak "sunset" display at two-thirty in the afternoon
+ sheep: a sweet reminder that we are back in new zealand
+ the sunset that welcomed us home
+ my favourite spot in oamaru
+ bushy beach, oamaru
+ the sweetest of friends celebrating their enagement
+ a sight only seen in new zealand
+ throwback to hawaii

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this week our bodies have settled back into the rhythm of new zealand life (and the new zealand time zone) and our days have been filled with trawling trademe for cars, jobs and flats - with the odd adventure thrown in here and there. although i am physically in new zealand, i find my mind is still lingering in the shores of hawaii, and i often catch myself googling flights to hawaii (the best distraction technique), and dreaming of the day when i will be reunited with palm trees, white sandy beaches, and my dad. the needs of the immediate future, however, are persistently rubbing themselves in my face, so the battle between living in reality and swimming through my memories is a daily one!


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    1. Haha, YOU are beautiful Kez! I loved blogging too much to say goodbye to it now that we're back... so I'm going to have a go at summarising each week in photos!


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