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Disneyworld & Universal Studios have been so amazing! The fireworks display over the Magic Kingdom has got to be one of the highlights of this entire trip.. (big call we know) but honestly, it was every child's dream come to life!

In total, we have 7 days worth of passes between the 7 major theme parks (of Universal and Disney) and are here in Orlando for 7 days (so ideally a theme park a day)... but today we needed to have a day off because we are so tired! Theme park hopping is an exhausting process, and our feet were begging us for a rest!

Here are a couple of quick photos of our time so far in Florida! The photos are in a jumbled order, but these are the parks we have visited!
  • Disney's Magical Kingdom (the iconic Disney park!)
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom (we went on an African safari & drove beside a bunch of on-the-loose wild animals...slightly terrifying... we also saw a gorilla eat it's own poop and Tim made us stand and watch it for about 10 minutes - he was thoroughly amused by the whole situation)
  • Universal Studios Island of Adventure (HARRY POTTER HARRY POTTER HARRY POTTER)
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios (stepping back in time to the Golden Age of Cinema!)
It's our last day tomorrow, and we are going to the second Universal Studios Park for the day in order to tire ourselves out for our 21 hour trip to Hawaii beginning at 2AM ON SUNDAY NIGHT/MONDAY MORNING... gahhhhhhhh!

Anyway... Our next post will be from Hawaii.... :)
xx T & A

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