new york | day one

We were so lucky to have two jam-packed days of New York touring with Sam & Mark, Tim's cousin and her partner who live in the north of New Jersey. From the minute we got up on Saturday morning, we were go-go-go and it was fantastic! After driving ten minutes through a tunnel, all of a sudden we popped up and were in the middle of New York. It rained allllllllll day (Tim told me in the morning "don't bring your jacket, you won't need it"... he was so wrong), but that didn't stop us from seeing what we wanted to see! We headed straight for the 9/11 memorial, which is located at the site where the World Trade Center once stood. It is such a surreal place, and so emotional. All the names of those who died are listed, and it is an eerie place of silence among the hustle & bustle of the city that surrounds. 

We also visited Wall Street, had lunch in Chinatown, caught the Subway from Grand Central Station and explored Times Square. In Times Square we went to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, which is the perfect mixture of totally creepy but freaking cool at the same time. It was such a full-on day & we saw so much, that by the time 5pm rolled around we were all pretty exhausted and were itching to sit down and rest! A mutual decision to chill out and four ridiculously sore pairs of feet led us to Starbucks, where we killed a bit of time and recharged our batteries before heading to... BROADWAY! (Side note: Times Square is flipping insane & everybody should go once in their life to experience its craziness and magic!)

Seriously, if you ever get the chance to see The Lion King, do it. One of the highlights of the entire trip so far. AMAZING. I was jumping up and down like a small child and couldn't contain my excitement before the show started... Tim was pumped also but had a bit more self-control than me! It was everything that we could imagine and more.. And I may have cried after the opening scene... (Sam did too so it's okay) The Circle of Life is a moving song okay?! :)

The rain didn't stop pouring the whole day but it didn't matter. We had the best time venturing throughout the city and ticking loads of things off our list. We were pretty knackered by the end of the day and as soon as we got home we all collapsed onto our beds and were out to it. Luckily we did, because the next day was just as exciting... :)

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